Hotel Rooms … Sometimes it all comes good

Hey! Tell me. How is it possible to be allocated a decent room in hotels? I am thinking there is some strange logic at work in the mind of hoteliers after staying in over three hundred hotels during the last four years and only being allocated a decent room on arrival … Well, I can count the times on two hands with fingers left over.

In three and four star hotels, I have been offered rooms with broken doors, broken showers and falling down curtains. Rooms with great patches missing in carpets where hapless guests have tried to do their ironing. Rooms above kitchens and, once, I booked a room with a view, only to draw back the curtains and see … the hotel car park. Another time, in a well known five star establishment in Singapore, my partner and I were given a dank courtyard room with malfunctioning a/c, damp atmosphere, condensation running down the windows, broken furniture and fittings and a leaking toilet. Management were not responsive to my complaints and Tripadvisor declined my review that simply listed the faults in the room. This treatment is not unusual.

Many people suggest it Is because I book through Expedia but I have suffered the same fate when booking through Hotel websites. There is something more going on.

At times I believe folk are just being plain judgemental and at others, when I am feeling more charitable, that their hotel REALLY IS fully booked! So it’s late in the evening; can all those empty rooms really be waiting for Loyalty Card members? What logic is it that condemns guests to the worst rooms while leaving decent rooms empty all night?

Sometimes, though, it all comes good … And the room is actually as advertised